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I have modelled a system with various inputs & outputs in openLCA.

At the output side I have some elementary flows (emissions) and waste flows.

When I create and calculate the product system there is no impact contribution from these outputs. Why is that?

In my point of view there should result impacts, because “methane” leaving my process has an impact on the environment (for example “Climate Change”). Same thing for wastes like heavy metals.. Or not?

Thanks for any explanation.


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Did you use an LCIA method? And if yes, does this method fit to your database? If yes, then for climate change, you will see an impact for methane, e.g.
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One mistake mine I already corrected: the elementary flows didn’t have a connection to the ILCD method. Now I choose integrated ones and I can see the impacts they cause in the EXCEL sheet.
But I didn’t find waste flows connected to the ILCD method.
Do there exist waste flows (for example heavy metals, used oil, Hazardous waste) in the ILCD method?