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I had a question regarding the update of product systems. From my experience with the new version 1.7, it seems that when you modify a process that is already called by a product system, the update is not automatically done in the product system. I have to delete the product system and generate a new one from the unit process to be able to quantify the changes I made downstream.

Maybe you could explain to me why it is functioning that way and also I was wondering if there was another method that could be less tedious?

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Hi Aline, after building a product system, the structure/linkages (model graph) of the product system does not change anymore. However, changes in the input/output table should be considered. I hope this helps. Best, Jonas
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I also have this issue (using 1.7.4 on Windows 10). I haven't worked out if it is just the model graph that doesn't update or if the change to the inputs of the process really aren't propagated to the system process. I'll try and work that out and comment back / unless you know?

The behaviour that Jonas describes would be ideal but does not fully reflect my experience.

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