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Perhaps I'm missing something, but is there a way to go from entering an amount on one row to another using the keyboard? For example, I am creating a new LCIA method and I want to enter values for each of occupation flows, but there are so many flows! Can I go through the list and enter the values only using the keyboard? Currently I enter a value, hit enter, and then use the mouse to manually click the next cell to enter the next value. It's extraordinarily tedious.

I have some python code I use when I need to update hundreds of LCI values for existing unit processes, but it's not very efficient for times when I'm building new processes and it doesn't help with creating a new method. If anyone knows helpful keyboard shortcuts or has any other useful data entry tips for OpenLCA, I would be very appreciative to hear them!
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(thank you, good suggestion. This "tab-navigation" is not implemented yet)
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Thank you for this short answer, but the next question is: When do you think to implement it?