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Dear OpenLCA Team,
I`m working on an EPD and now I want to determine the results for "resource use" and "output flows and waste categroies".
I am working with GaBi as a database and I tried to download the file: "LCIA method according to EN 15804 in English (zolca file, 3MB)" from your website.
Unfortunatley I can not find the EPD-categories after installing the LCIA methods according to EN 15804 in my impact method folder.
Can you help me finding the categories?
Thank you and best regards
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Dear Raoul,
welcome - this method is specifically for ecoinvent and the EuGeos ecoinvent adaptation to EN15804. You are right, it would make sense to also provide a method for GaBi - and it should also not be too difficult. Is it urgent for you or could be address this when we prepare the GaBi database update?
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