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Hi, when calculating the impacts of my product (cement) with help of the impact methods "LCIA Method", I do get results for the environmental impacts such as

  • GWP: Global warming potential or
  • ADPE: Abiotic depletion potential for non fossil resources

No problem so far.

What strikes me, is that the LCIA Method pack also includes resource uses, such as

  • PERE: Use of renewable primary energy or
  • NRSF: Use of non renewable secondary fuels
  • etc.

These results however are not calculated. The results are zero.

Does anyone know, how I can obtain these results? I had a look in other impact method packs, but cannot find the above mentioned resource uses (PERE, NRSF, etc.)

See screenshot below please.




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Hi Tim,

indeed, this depends on the database, the EPD-specific indicators (PERE etc.) are typically not considered in "normal" LCA databases. For the EPD method, I would recommend the Eugeos database. Which database are you using?

Best wishes,

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Hi Andreas,
thanks for this background info. I use ecoinvent 3.7.1.
Your colleague Jonas mentioned the particularities of the databases concerning EPD-indicators already during our last support-call on Thursday.
I happen to be able to calculate PERE etc. for my foreground data in the current project, but need to leave out these indicators for all upstream processes however.

For future projects we will get the EuGeos DB.