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Dear openLCA Team,

i encounter the problem, that during impact calculation i get negative results (e.g. GWP). I am working with the probas Database. During a support session i already had, we encoutered the same problem and managed to solve it. It had something to do with selecting the providers. Maybe you have an idea how to solve the issue?

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ProBas is not a well-defined database unfortunately, you should not use the autoconnect feature when making product systems, but instead build your product system manually, this will help to prevent incorrect negative results. Or, set default providers for your model, and then connect with "only use default providers".
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thanks for your quick response.

Even when using the model graph of the product system to connect the processes instead of the auto-connect function (whilst creating the product system) I still get negative results...

For some flows, the providers apparently canĀ“t be found? How can i connect them manually?