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Working on MacOS Mojave version10.14.1 and OpenLCA1.7.0

Clicked on File > Import > Import entire database > From exported zolca file > exiobase3_monetary_20181212.zolca > Finish *Error*.

An unexpected error occurred - Database'var/folder/7y/5mq522913wn7hqgtyjqyqsbh0000gn/T/1be979b2-0c07-476d-b71c-b67657c48c99' not found.

What am I missing, or should do differently?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated!
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Many thanks for your reply, i hope it works! I found the restore function, however the same error occurred. I've updated the OpenLCA version to 1.7.4 and that seemed to solve the problem!
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DOwnload the *.zolca file and ise the restore function. I hope that helps. Best, Jonas