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I've found that some unit processes are missing when I import one database into another. Has anyone else found this / ideas for workaround?

Specifically, I restore a clean version of Ecoinvent 3.5 LCI / system processes (cut off). Validate. Everything seems to be there. I then restore a clean version of EI 3.5 unit processes (cut off). Validate. Everything seems to be there. Nice.

However, if I then import the UP dataset into the LCI dataset - either from the zolca or the one I just restored - it seems to work fine (takes maybe 10 minutes on this PC) but while most of the processes are there (unit and system), some of the unit processes are missing. Typically, these are the ones from earlier in the list (e.g. fishing only has system processes) but I'm not really sure what the pattern is. The problem seems repeatable on different PCs running Windows10 with oLCA 1.8.0

Any ideas would be really welcome :) I don't fancy combining these process by process but even if a solution takes a bit longer, I could then export the resulting databases (it would be one for each of the three EI approaches and include the impact methods) and so other staff and students in our faculty wouldn't need to.

Thanks, Sam
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Probably this has something to do with existing UUIDs in the database into which yo want to import processes. Maybe select "overwrite" when importing (if that's what you want to do). I think there is also a paragraph on this in the ecoinvent 3.5 for openLCA documentation: https://nexus.openlca.org/ws/files/14712
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Thanks! OK maybe that would be clearer - new question is here https://ask.openlca.org/1707/combine-ecoinvent-system-datasets-without-loosing-processes