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In an effort to better organize my data, i organized some provider folders by moving and renaming them, then closed openLCA. Today, when i opened everything up, the providers within each of the folders were gone. When i ran a validation of the database, it came back with 343 provider warnings stating the problem is "broken category".

How can i solve this broken category problem? The providers still exist somewhere in the database but they do not show up in any folder, only when looking at the usage for the associated flow.

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Hi, this can happen if a paste operation was not finished (computer shut down in between) or if the paste action was not started.

In principle, the solution is to update a field "f_category" in the tbl_processes (since you have the problem with processes). If you get the reference UUIDs of the processes/providers that have a broken category, from the validation script which you can copy e.g. to excel, you can first in openLCA make a new category for processes "newprocesscategory", then execute the following query in the SQL developer window in openLCA:

update tbl_processes set f_category = (select id from tbl_categories where name = 'newprocesscategory') where ref_id = '*and here the UUID*';

You will execute one query for each process but you can "compile" the queries in excel and paste them all together then in the openLCA SQL window, and execute them all at once.

Hope this helps!