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I am currently working on a project on openlca and any of the databases do not apply to my country (mauritius). However, since we import some products, i can use these on the software that are adapted to my country. However, i will have to add some data manually (like transport and electricity). My question is how do i add these manually? (i am under the impression that i have to work with the composition of the products and use the elementary flows available to create processes/products). Also, how do i add a provider?
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1) For adding transport and electricity just create a new process and add flows into its Input/Outputs list (elementary flows or product flows ... depending on your goal and scope)

2) You can add a provider to an existing flow by creating a new process for which you select this specific existing flow as a quantitative reference. The new process will then show up as a provider for the flow which you selected as a quantitative reference. Read more about provider linking here: https://ask.openlca.org/585/what-is-provider-linking-when-creating-a-new-product-system?show=585#q585

If you want to get started with openLCA, the PET bottle example under tutorials on the openLCA website is quite helpful.

I hope this helps