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Hi everybody,

I have a quite huge problem, i have to make an LCIA and in the process we need cleaners like ecover and bomades but any data base exist on it... In the web, i can find the composition but with any quantity.

We don't have the budget for analysing the cleaner and find the quantity of each component. ( Best solution for sure)

What can i do ? 

-Neglect these liquid with hight impact seems to me unrepresentive and cheaty of the real impact at the end.

-Took just the compostion without true quantity seems maybe better but  again, clearly unrepresentative.

-Took a diferent cleaner with the good quantity but with different composition is like trying to model a train transport with a car transport, even if both made kind the same category of  impact they are completely different for the impact at the end sad

What solution should i take ? Or better if you have an other solution, don't hesitate. yes

I'm sure that i'm not the first one with this huge problem.

Thanks in advance,

Philibert E

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