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Hi people,

I downloaded openLCA and some free databases and want to model a grinding process, the material which is used for the input is 1.4116 Steel.
I could not find any flow for that, and even if i want to model it by its chemical components (82% iron, 14% chromium etc.) I have problems finding specific flows/providers for those elements.
If i use elemental flows as Inputs I dont get any results in the impact categories.

Is there a solution to that?

Thanks in advance
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First of all, if you want to use a grinding process, you probably want to look for processes (which of course produce a flow/flows). If you cannot find a matching process, you could either extend your data range (non-free databases which are typically more extensive and can be searched through via https://nexus.openlca.org/) or create the respective process on yourself under use of background data.

I hope this helps.



If the flows in your process are now displayed in the impact results you may want to add them to the impact categories of your impact method manually. You can list flows that are not captured by your applied impact method in the "LCIA Checks" tab upon calculating the analysis results. Likewise, the "impact analysis" tab of a process will show you which flows are captured by which impact category of an LCIA method.