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Hello! I have created a process in open LCA 1.7.4 using the ecoinvent35_cut_off_units_regionalised_20181129 database. For this process, multiple flows from the ecoinvent database are included as inputs, but only some fail to prove options for 'Provider'. In the image below, the flows without associated providers have no options to choose from when clicking the drop-down menu.

Specifically, these flows are:

  • ammonium nitrate, as N | ammonium nitrate production
  • potassium chloride, as K2O | potassium chloride production

As a result, those flows are not linking to the output:

I am requesting guidance on how to allocate the proper providers to these flows. I have tried various other versions of these flow types unsuccessfully as well. The problem seems to be occurring for other peers modeling agricultural processes in this platfform.

Thank you!

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Were you able to solve this problem? I'm having the same issue with glucose and ammonium carbonate from the 'Elementary Flows' folder. There is no provider associated with them so I can't calculate any impacts.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I cannot fully read your screenshots, but "ammonium nitrate, as N" is produced by ammonium nitrate production, and you should be able to include this process as provider.

"ammonium nitrate, as N | ammonium nitrate production" is not the flow btw.

Hope this helps!