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For my life cycle assessment, I reviewed the available databases on the nexus openLCA page. It seems to me that the dataset from the worldsteel Association is the most suitable and thoroughly documented. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with the calculation using this dataset in openLCA. As indicated on the website, it only works with the proprietary calculation method of worldsteel. Additionally, it is still not possible to display the results according to the individual process steps, as is possible with the ecoinvent database. I have therefore already tried to create my own process, but unfortunately, I failed because I couldn't select the providers needed for it. In general, not all providers are predefined for the worldsteel dataset, and they also cannot be added afterward, so I am not sure if the product system created from it and thus the results can be correct at all.

Have you had any experience with the worldsteel datasets and can you provide me with practical advice for calculations using them? Specifically, regarding the setting of the missing providers and the breakdown of the results by process steps?
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Hi, indeed, the world steel database is focussing on steel and is made of system processes, therefore you cannot dhow results for different process steps in the supply chain. Typically, a product system will not be complete that you make with the database (unfortunately).
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Thank you for your answer. If a product system made from the worldsteel database is not complete, are there also the results from the impact assessment wrong due to the incompleteness?