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I'm attempting to use a flow under "forestry and logging" in Ecoinvent 3-1 and it appears this folder is empty of flows (i.e. the navigation pane shows a folder for flows but there are none listed in the folder). Not sure if I inadvertently moved all the flows to another folder or what (I certainly can't find them). Is there a way I can restore these flows under this folder without overwriting the rest of my flows, processes, etc that I've created in the DB? Not sure how this could have happen, but this is a time critical request. I "can" see the flows when I search for them, but when I attempt to create process from the flows I get the error "An unexpected error occurred. Fialed to open process dialog from flow rootEntity [type=flow, ……. name=roundwood, eucalyptus ssp. from sustainable forest management.... See log." sorry for all the postings. Trying to get my head around this software.
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You could import another instance of the same database into you openLCA. Export the flows from that database as a JSON-LD file and import them into your existing database (or preferably into a backup of that database to make sure you do not mess up your database). During export, after selecting the JSON-LD file, click next and select "overwrite existing data".