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Good afternoon community,

I am performing an environmental and a social LCA for the same product in openLCA.

For environmental I use Ecoinvent and for social I got PSILCA. My environmental model is working fine and now I need to transfer it to PSILCA for the social LCA as easy as possible. Is it allowed to copy and paste flows of the foreground system from Ecoinvent into PSILCA and than to build new processes within PSILCA based on the pasted flows out of Ecoinvent? Can I even copy and paste processes?
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Hi, not sure I fully understand, you should not copy and paste flows or processes across different openLCA "databases",

but you can use ecoinvent and PSILCA in parallel if you adjust your LCIA method, and you can export your foreground LCA model as JSON and import into another database, or also merge two entire databases. For merging, you should add the smaller database to the larger database, so e.g. ecoinvent unit process into PSILCA.

Hth, Andreas