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For my LCA model I copied and pasted the needed processes to structure them, adjust/aggregate/simplify them, link them, work on them and document the changes (without changing the existing data) in ecoinvent 3.7.1. The thing is, that now, that I modified them the way I want to use them (the model gragh seems to be ok) - I cannot calculate them.
Why could that be? Direct calculation does not work.

Have I simplified them too much? It made no sense to me e.g. using tap water as input from various different countries (e.g. India, Brasil, Bulgaria) in the usage phase of a photovoltaic modul (in one country).... so I aggregated them and assigned the amount to the country I was using.

Maybe I have messed up with the providers? But the model graph looks good to me :)

Thanks for your help! :)
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Hi Anne, why can you not calculate them? Can you post screenshots of examples (edit your post to do so) - thank you