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Hello again!

I have a question about the impact analysis values.

When I open a process, I can click on the sheet "impact analysis" and get values for e. g. Climate Change.

But when I create a product system with the exact process and calculate i get different values for the "impact analyses" in the quick results.

Could you explain me why?

Thank you kindly in advance!
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Hi, that is because in the process, this is only the direct contribution of the process, but in the quick results, it is the supply chain and the process together.
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so, should I always build the product system, to calculate the impact, even if I am interested only in one process?

In some cases, such as for the process "grafted vine plants" in Agribalyse, I observed that the impact of the process is much higher than the impact of the product system that I build only by using this process. If the reason of different results is that the product system include also the supply chain, the impact of the product system should be higher than the impact of the process, right?

I hope you can help,
many thanks,