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I am using openLCA with Ecoinvent 3.6 and TRACI. For U processes, I don't get the same result if I look at the quick results in the "Impact analysis" tab of the process, or if I create a product system and do the calculation for that process.

For S processes, I get the same result in the "Impact analysis" tab of the process as I do when I do the calculation, so it seems to work for S but not U.

How exactly does this "Impact analysis" tab work, and why does it work for S processes and not U processes ?

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Hi Sidonie,

well spotted, this is because the impact analysis tab of the process only calculates this process, not the entire, linked life cycle, as is done typically (depending on your further modeling etc.) in the product system.

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Hello Andreas,

Thank you very much for your reply, this explains it.

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