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I am looking for some advice on representing the production of bagasse from sugarcane. I see from ecoinvent 3.7, there is a provider for production of sugarcane, as well as sugar, but when sugarcane is the input and sugar from sugarcane is the output, I am not sure if I am including the energy and resource use from the sugar production itself when I do not include it as a provider. It seems to me that I would need an input flow representing the process of making sugar. I tried to post a picture of my inputs and outputs, but it is not allowing me. For reference - the input right now is sugarcane, with the provider "market for sugarcane | sugarcane | APOS,S - RoW, and the outputs are "sugar, from sugarcane", and my own flow for bagasse. Others may be added later.

Does having "sugar, from sugarcane" as an output somehow include the production of the sugar in the calculations? Or am I only including the sugarcane market right now, since that is my only input provider? Is there a way to represent this with data from ecoinvent, or is it better to find literature data specifying the inputs of electricity, fuel, and resources?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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