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Can you confirm that it's not possible to import a process from eg agrifootprint in another database eg ecoinvent and run an LCA with processes from both databases at the same time?
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Hello Sophie! Of course that is possible. Just make sure it makes sense (e.g. same system model, consistent modelling approaches, compatible LCIA methods, etc.). And I also recommend to create backups of your original databases as you can quickly mess up a database when importing one database into another.
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Thanks Jonas,
I was wondering because when importing "Beef cattle for slaughter, at beef farm Economic" from agrifootprint 3 into ecoinvent_35 and using the same impact assessment methods (the PEF recommended ones that I compiled), I got different results if I ran the LCA in agrifootprint or ecoinvent...
Then I thought it might have to do with flows not having the same UUID so imported agrifootprint flows in ecoinvent and that worked!