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The LCIA method pack v2.0.3 lists some CML impact assessment methods, however the versions seem outdated. I am looking for the CML-IA v4.8 from 2016 (as from https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/research/research-output/science/cml-ia-characterisation-factors).
Has anyone made the effort to update the CML-IA baseline method? or is there a quick way to update and create the method by using some import functions/java of python code?

Current CML versions in OpenLCA LCIA method pack v2.0.3
CML 1992v21992
CML 2001 (all impact categories)v2.042001
CML-IA baselinev3.02007
CML 2 baseline 2000v3.22007
CML-IA non-baselinev4.12012

I appreciate any advice, 

Thank you

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