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Which openLCA LCIA method package should be used to calculate results of combined databases (at least ecoinvent 3.5 and GaBi SP36 for use in openLCA 1.7.4)?

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The newest SP36 version of GaBi is not (yet) compatible with the regular openLCA LCIA method package (as stated in the GaBi 2018 in openLCA documentation). Currently, this makes it tricky to combine both databases. As of now, you would need to build your own LCIA methods to achieve compatibility.

We opted for this approach as we wanted to release the newest GaBi version as soon as possible but we do plan to release another version that is in a line with the usual openLCA reference data ... this will then allow to combine both databases and use the normal openLCA LCIA method.

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Thanks for your prompt update. Ah, so I still have to wait until I can use latest versions of databases avaialble on nexus (have no time to build on my own)... I hope this will be soon implemented.
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Sorry for the inconvenience. I will check with my colleague on the time line.
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Thank you Jonas!