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I am a new openLCA user who is leading fellow classmates in installing and setting up the software. I noticed that the current openLCA LCIA methods pack 1.5.7 for download has been updated to "openlca_lcia_methods_1_5_7_updatedCED.zolca," which was previously "openlca_lcia_methods_1_5_7.zolca." Unfortunately, the "..._updatedCED.zolca" file does not appear to work for some users and results in an error when being imported. Luckily, we had the former file saved and it works fine. Any reasons why there might be a discrepancy? Any insight on what was updated? Thank you in advance.
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Ah thank you - the CED (cumulated energy demand) was updated and extended in this version. I would recommend anyhow the 2.x LCIA package since it is more recent. Could you describe what the error is, or for which users it does not work?

Thank you again!