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7484497 is the ID of the exchange where the formula evaluation failed. When you open the SQL editor (Window > Developer tools > SQL) and execute the following query:

select p.ref_id, p.name from tbl_processes p inner join tbl_exchanges e on p.id = e.f_owner where e.id = 7484497

you will get the reference ID and name of the process where this exchange occurs. You can then search for the process via this ID or name in the search box. When you open the process you should get an error message with more details.

... we will make this more user friendly in future versions.

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Hi there,

I've been getting a range of similar error messages (when I run a ReCiPe analysis of a product system produced from the ecoinvent 3.5 process "building construction, hall, wood construction | building, hall, wood construction | Cutoff, U - RoW".

I just followed the guidance above (very helpful, thank you!).  In my case, the process with the problem is "REF_ID NAME 90b163cf-cbfa-360a-87e4-ef8cf907b897    electricity production, nuclear, aluminium industry | electricity, high voltage, aluminium industry | Cutoff, S"

When I open the process I get a warning popup saying "formula evalution failed", with a message that says "Boil_RU+Pres+PWHY+Pres_RU+PWHR_RU+Boil".  This looks like some parameters that are presumably used in the underlying model.

Just to clarify, I have not done any modelling myself here; just running an analysis of an ecoinvent process.    

Would anyone have advice, please, on what best to do when these sorts of error messages come up?  I saw in a different thread that we can try validating the database, but as this is an ecoinvent process I'm not sure that this will lead me to a resolution.