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I`m having trouble importing .zolca files to OpenLCA 1.6.3. I`ve already followed Andreas advice of deleting all existing databases, create a new one and importing LCI first. But it takes forever and I have to turn off the laptop.

Acer I5 6gb DDR3 1TB HAD

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Hi, the import takes quite some time, especially for importing large databases such as the ecoinvent LCI databases; it is better to import a smaller database into a larger database and not vice versa, thus LCIA methods into LCI datasets and not LCI datasets into LCIA methods. We have now also started to provide combined databases in Nexus which contain unit processes, LCI processes and the LCIA method, so far only for ecoinvent though.
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-  I hope I did not recommend to delete all existing databases? The import is depending on harddisc speed, not so much on memory btw.