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Currently, we are working on an LCA-analysis of rapeseed oil production, using openLCA 1.8.0.  We were considering applying the ReCiPe 2016 Method for the LCIA. And we would prefer to express the results in aggregated form for the three endpoint categories "Ecosystems, Human health, Resources".

Unfortunately, there is no weighting set implemented in openLCA Methods 2.0.3, neither could we find weighting factors in official publications. Normalisation factors seem to be implemented in openLCA according to the publication Characterisation and normalisation factors.

Nonetheless, weights seem to be provided in the new Version of SimaPro 9.0. (https://simapro.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/DatabaseManualMethods.pdf)

This leads to the questions:

  • Is a uniform weighting (factor 1.0 for each catergory) acceptable?
  • Is a weighting by the old weighting fact Europe ReCiPe I/A - ReCiPe Endpoint (I) from ReCiPe 2008 recommendable? If yes, how do you weight the new impact categories?

An answer would be appreciated a lot.

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Est ce que vous avez obtenu des réponses quant à vos questions? Car je me pose les memes?

Si oui, comment avez vous procédé pour la pondération avec la méthode ReCiPe 2016 et comment avez vous effectué le calcul des facteurs de pondération associés.

Un retour de votre part serait très appréciée.
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Thanks for your participation to the ask.openlca forum. I have two remarks. Keeping our messages in English ensures that everyone can participate and understand. Instead of writing an answer (where more question are asked), it would be better to write a comment.