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Dear manager:

My students and I are collecting Chinese local data for a specific industry, such as oil refinery or beef processing industry.  Can I use the OpenLCA software to organize our data for future free publication through OpenLCA platform (like Agribalyse database),  if numerous data were collected according to OpenLCA standard? Can you give some suggestion or standard materials to guide us for this contribution to OpenLCA community?

Thanks and kind regards,

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Hi Guobao,

thank you for your post; we can also discuss directly if you like, but as quick answer, you can use the LCA Collaboration Server for publishing your data. See here https://www.lcacommons.gov/lca-collaboration/search or here https://data.openlca.org/search for examples. The LCA Collaboration Server is free software, developed by us with support from USDA (operators of lcacommons.gov), and available from the openLCA download page. Of course, in addition to the "publication technology", also modeling conventions are important. So, I'd be happy to setup a call, let me know.

Best wishes,

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Hi, Andreas:

Thank you for rapid response to my answer.

I will read and learn the link, Can you share some document related to modeling conventions? I am afraid time is inconvenient to make a call.

Kind regards,

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Here is a presentation FYI https://www.greendelta.com//wp-content/uploads/2019/07/HA_LCAdatabasesCreation.pdf.
Of course there are more, there is maybe even too much information about how to set up a database, but very few to none that get a bit into technical details. And in Europe, with ELCD and also PEF, we have probably some examples that rather teach you how it should not be done.
Personally I think LCA database development is a bit a sad story, there are only very few examples who actually manage to set up a "sustainable" infrastructure for database development, and many rather incompatible "silos", each claiming to be the greatest...
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Hi, Andreas:

Thank you for your helpful response as guidance, and my students and I will keep learning based on OpenLCA platform.

Thanks again