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Hi all!

I am a new user of Open LCA. The installation was successful after i installed JDK8 and the program started. Now I wanted to change the language of openLCA in German on my MacBook but i got this Error:

An unexpected error occured
failed to write openLCA.ini file
See the log-file for further information

Can anybody help me?

Thank you in advance for your help
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Hi Daniel,

this happens if you do not have write-access to the openlca.ini file, which is in the same folder as openlca.exe, e.g. if you install as an admin, and use as a normal user. You can then open the ini file as admin, edit, and save, or start openLCA as admin and change the language then. To change the ini file, find


and change to


Hope this helps!
Hi Andreas,

Thank you very much for your quick response.
I was on holiday, so i couldn`t test it.
I have now found the right file and it worked.

Best regards,