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I just installed openLCA. I tried to import databases (.zolca files) and the program crashed, telling me that I run out out storage space ("Ihr Profilspeicherplatz ist voll"). My computer has 16 GB RAM. I tried to change the setting in openLCA to increase the maximum allowed storage ("Maximaler Speicherverbrauch in MB") from default value 3584 to 8000. It doesn't work, this just produces a new error message ("failed to write openLCA.ini file").
I highly appreciate every help, because I really need the program soon!
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Well, apparently you do not have writing access to your openLCA.ini file in which the amount of memory allocated to your openLCA installation is specified. Make sure you have writing access to the location where openLCA is installed before changing the maximum allowed storage. You may want to change the memory allowance manually: https://ask.openlca.org/594/how-to-assign-more-memory-to-openlca?show=594#q594

If you face problems changing the openLCA.ini file of your openLCA installation on your C drive you may want to unzip the openLCA installer at a location on your computer where you have writing access.

Hopefully, this helps.
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Yes, it is possible to store openLCA dat directly on the C drive. Please refer to my other post for more information. For clarification, you could also add error logs to your answer. I hope the other post helps.