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I am running OpenLCA1.7.4 with ecoinvent 3.5. My laptop has 2.7 GHz CPU and 16GB of RAM so should be fine for running OpenLCA with ecoinvent.

I have re-imported ecoinvent and reinstalled open LCA twice (in case something went wrong with any of the downloads and imports the first time). I have also followed previous FAQ threads on reassigning more memory (e.g. https://ask.openlca.org/594/how-to-assign-more-memory-to-openlca?show=594#q594) but I still keep getting the same message.

When I create very simple (one process) product systems (for exporting to excel) I get a message saying there is insufficient memory to perform the calculation. When I restart my computer and restart OpenLCA it might work for one product system but when i go on to create a second or third I start getting the message again.

I have run out of ideas for fixing the problem. I hope someone can help.
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You need to specifically allocate memory since as Java application openLCA runs in a closed and safe "sandbox" (in laymen's terms) independent from the operating system. For ecoinvent and multiple product systems, 8GB should suffice.

How much memory did you assign - can you maybe post the section from the config file?

Somewhat related, we just recently updated the numerical libraries for the Mac version, thus I recommend using the beta 1.9 (latest build tab on the download page) for Mac.