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I am trying to allocate more RAM to openLCA.

I have 16GB of ram but openLCA wont allow me to change the default value of 1024 MB in "Maximum memory usage in MB" inside Configuration.

I get the error -Failed to write openLCA.ini file.-
"See the log-file for further information"
: ERROR - failed to write openLCA.ini file
/private/var/folders/fr/x8h84gm920z812n2bmljzld00000gn/T/AppTranslocation/E7C89303-8F97-4023-9F17-57C9027207AF/d/openLCA 2.app/Contents/MacOS/openLCA.ini: Read-only file system
java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /private/var/folders/fr/x8h84gm920z812n2bmljzld00000gn/T/AppTranslocation/E7C89303-8F97-4023-9F17-57C9027207AF/d/openLCA 2.app/Contents/MacOS/openLCA.ini: Read-only file system

If I go to terminal and open this folder where openLCA.ini file is I see that I have read only rights to it; which is probably the problem.

I downloaded the 1.7 version and the default value of allocated memory is 3gb there; so I will manage but if someone has a solution to my problem I would greatly appreciate the help.

System specs:
Os: High sierra 10.13.3
MBP 13" Early 2011.
2,3GHz intel core i5
16GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Serial number : C02G64FQDRJJ
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(well it seems you have no write access to the file or are trying to edit the file when it is used,

"Read-only file system"