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Good afternoon,

While conducting calculations under OpenLCA (even just at a process level), I get the memory error message. So, I close OpenLCA, re-open it and run again the calculations and it works.

Could you, please, help me resolving this issue so I don't have to close and re-open the software for each new calculation?

I went into the manual and as it's for an old version of OpenLCA and MacOS I can't find OpenLCA.ini on my computer.

Also, the calculations are really slow, even for a quick analysis at a process level.

Here are my computer settings:

- macOS Big Sur version 11.4

- Memory 16GB

- Chip Apple M1

Thanks a lot in advance!

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To anyone to who this can be useful: make sure OpenLCA is part of the launchpad when installed. Then, the memory needed for calculation scan be changed. The ".ini" file cannot be found, but memory can be expanded directly within the software.

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