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Hi everybody , does anyone knows how to bypass "damaged file" issue on Mac with Monterey ? I followed the GitHub instructions https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-app/issues/152 but i failed.

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks !

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Can you maybe explain what exactly failed?

Apart from that, we agree that this is not a nice situation for Apple users, Apple evidently forces developers to pay their yearly registration fee, we are looking into that at the moment.
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I did exactly what i read in the GitHub guide :

1) i moved the openLCA_macOS_*.tr.gz to some other folder than the Download folder

2) i extracted the file using the macOS native Archive Utility

3) opened the Terminal app and navigate to the folder where you extracted openLCA cd folder/with/openLCA

4) execute the following command: sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine openLCA.app

When i do this the "password" request appears . I write the password and click return end the Terminal answer is  xattr: No such file: openLCA.app