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I am using a new Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4, a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 2 memory slots, 4GB Ram (8GB total); 1 TB SATA Hard drive and the new openLCA version 1.7, just downloaded today. I have ecoinvent database 3.3 (both unit and system processess). Every time I write the amounts for each flow, in my model the software is taking a long time.  I´ve already expanded the memory from 3k to 4k in the ini file, but the software still takes a long time to write the information.  Has anyone had the same issue?

Edgar Eduardo Sacayón
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Hi Edgar,

for working with ecoinvent 3.x, 6GB Ram is recommended, but writing of a single process should not depend on whether you have 3 or 6 GB of Ram. If the harddrive is very slow, or the database inefficient, the time can be longer. You can try to compress the database then (via the menu).