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I have noticed a problem; when I am trying to change the mass input of a flow in a process, the final impact assessment is not changes. I am changing the input with 15% but the final climate impact is exactly the same as before. I have tried to delete the product system and to restart the program but it has no effect.

The same goes for when I change the provider for electricity, I wanted to change from Germany to Sweden. The inventory after creating the product system says Swedish electricity, but when doing the impact assessment it goes back to German.

I am using 1.7 (problems also noticed in 1.6) on Mac.
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Hello Frida,

that sounds strange. Does the input have any links to the impact assessment category, i.e. is it characterised in the LCIA category? Can you maybe post screenshots? Thank you in advance.

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I think I eventually solved it. I downloaded the latest java version and now I don't have that problem any more.