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Continuing on the discussion here: https://ask.openlca.org/1707/combine-ecoinvent-system-datasets-without-loosing-processes

I want to ask if there is a definitive and "secure" way to combine System and Unit databases of Ecoinvent, at the time version 3.5. I noticed some inconcistencies between the two, in particular for market processes.

And, extending the previus question, which method should be used? For the regionalised ecoinvent is possible to use the up-to-date version 2.0.3 methods, while for the non regionalised databases (LCI version is regionalised?) is necessary to use the old 1.5.7?

Please, I think somethink clear should be stated about this question, also considering all the peoples used to work on SimaPro, ecc.. The possibility to switch between UP and LCI is very, very important.

Thank you
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I am following this topic. I have the same question, still working on it.

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