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Collaboration server version 1.1, Windows server 2012, Tomcat 8.5.34, elasticsearch 6.2.4

I've created a simple database with reference unit/flow properties data and a single user-made flow. If I make a new repository, commit this database, disconnect from the repository, and then reconnect it, then all parts of the database will be marked as "new". I need to fetch and then commit. Is this the intended behavior? Is there anything I can do short of fetching to get openLCA to recognize that there are actually no changes? Does this happen because when we disconnect the database, openLCA loses information all information about the commits and so has to fetch the entire database just to ensure it's at the right place? Does the fact that all of our version numbers are 0 make this more difficult?

For a single flow, this isn't really that big of a deal, but say we have a much larger database that we share via flash drive or something or even download as a json-ld from collaboration server. The first time we connect this database, we have to fetch the whole thing again. (About to make another post on our fetching issues).

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