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Dear openLCA team,

 I am using AGRIBALYSE database and in process step at general information tab when I wanna select data quality system there are only 2 options (:ecoinvent data quality system and ILCD data quality system), so if I want to use AGRIBALYSE without ecoinvent background what shall I select? ILCD?  or shall I import other data quality system match with my current database?or any other Idea?

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You are right, so far we have only few data quality systems, none for Agribalyse. I can tell that we are preparing a new version for Agribalyse where this is probably available. In meantime, you need to either use other systems, or create an own one, and then also enter this into the processes.
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Go to indicators and parameters / data quality systems, then new, then decide whether the system is for flows or processes, then assign scores, descriptions, if you want also uncertainty. Then, the hard part, to enter the data quality values for the processes, i.e. to assess the processes according to your data quality system.