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Or do I need to manually insert the value of emissions in the output flow?

I have downloaded impact assessment method openLCA LCIA methods 1.5.7
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Indeed, you need to insert the methane emissions, and then use an LCIA method to obtain the GHG-results; this allows openLCA to calculate overall methane emissions and GHG indicator values (not sure if this answers your question?)
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Thank you for your reply, yes it does answer my question. However, when I looked at 'impact analysis' of my 'land application' process, the value for both freshwater and marine aquatic ecotoxity is zero. I am unsure of this as land application of manure should have extreme impact on these two.

Also, I have downloaded the production of bottle example. So under 'Bottle-End-Of-Life-treatment', in process 'waste incineration of plastic', there are different kinds of output flows such as acenaphthene, acetic acid, arsenic etc, where do the values come from ?