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Hello i'm trying to conduct an LCA on a waste water treatment plant, my issue is to compare between the operation and construction phase. the operation phase is done using 1m3 of waste water as output, but when i go to the process of construction phase (ecoinvent 3.6data base), i cannot compare between the two process, since the inputs and outputs of construction facility are referred to the whole plant (1.0E9l/y).

is there anyway i can do the comparaison between these two processes ?

thank you
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hm, but you would need a common benefit, and quantify it, for these two phases to directly compare them (->functional unit)? Otherwise this is more a comparison of apples and oranges I think. You can of course make a model of the waste water treatment, and then inspect, e.g. in the contribution tree in openLCA, the contribution of the plant to the rest?