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I am running openLCA 1.10.2 and have a license for ecoinvent 3.5 /3.6. 

I've recently come across the US government LCA Commons which has processes/product systems particular to US agricultural production. (See here https://www.lcacommons.gov/) After downloading a few of these product systems I realized that some of the flows do not have providers. Some flows start with the word CUTOFF which I think mean that they have no provider. 

I was on the openLCA nexus, and saw that you can purchase and download the LCA commons linked to ecoinvent 3.5, but it costs 500 EURO. Here is where I see it for purchase https://nexus.openlca.org/database/LCA%20Commons%20(complete). I already have a license to ecoinvent -- so is there some way that I can easily link these databases? 

Would it be best to access the LCA commons through the collaboration server? 

Under documents at this link https://nexus.openlca.org/database/LCA%20Commons%20(complete) it has some information on "connection with ecoinvent (version 3.5)" this outlines how some of the missing providers were connected to ecoinvent. 

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks! 


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