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I could not find OpenLCA version 1.10.1 file to download. Does anyone know where can I find it?
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Hi, the link to the 1.10.1 version is not available on the the openLCA website anymore. Is there a specific reason why you need this version? There are only slight changes between 1.10.1 and 1.10.2 so there should be no problem in working with the latest version of openLCA. Best regards, Pia
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Hello OpenLCA Community,
I want to request the older versions 1.10.1 of OpenLCA too, as I investigated ecoinvest database import problems  with the latest build 1.10.3 aswell as 1.10.2 of the ecoSpold02 folder.
There is no import problem apearing at version 1.10.1, as there you can select between the two different ecoSpold File types.
Looking for your support and kind regards