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I am currently working on a research project regarding energy flows, in particular the production of electricity from natural gas. I am limited to public (free) data and have focused on the US LCI database. I have no problem downloading the repository (even though it seems to only partially download) and have downloaded additional processes from the Commons database.

I am having a problem implementing impact assessment methods. I have not been able to download any methods from the Commons database. I have extracted and imported the ecoinvent methods package. This only produces results for a limited number of processes (EPA). The NREL processes are still returning no results.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Hi, you could use the LCIA method pack from Nexus I think? I am not sure I understand what you mean with "implementing" a method, importing it? The ecoinvent method package is suited only for the ecoinvent database.

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I found TRACI, which works for the a lot of processes in the LCA Commons database.

When I download additional processes from the Commons database they appear to be unlinked to TRACI. If I understand correctly it is because they use different flows then the ones linked to TRACI. That is, the 'carbon dioxide' linked to TRACI is different from the 'carbon dioxide' flow utilized by other impact assessment methods. In order to return results in TRACI I have been replacing one 'carbon dioxide' with the other.

I hope that makes sense. I am still new to OpenLCA and its terminology.

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If you are using both TRACI and the USLCI from the federal commons they should already be compatible. If you are having trouble downloading either, I'd recommend trying again as the system was just updated in the last day or two.