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I am trying to run a Monte Carlo analysis on my OpenLCA product systems, but whenever I try, the results graphs show every run as having the same value, but with no data on the axis or results, as you can see in the screenshot. This is true for every impact category. 

The model generates correct results when the product system is run, and when it's run as part of a project with other product systems. I have tried this with two different iterations of the product system, with triangle distribution uncertainties on different parameters and gotten the same results. I exported the results to Excel, but every cell value in the impact assessment says #NUM!, so obviously no data is being generated. 

Can you help me understand why the Monte Carlo isn't working when the model itself works fine? If I had input my uncertainties incorrectly I would expect to get the same answer for every run, but in this case no data at all is being produced. 

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Hm there is "data poduced" but you do not see any uncertainty and get always the same value - maybe you did not specify the uncertainty in the database; which database or data are you using to run the simulation?

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Thank you for your quick reply. Just to clarify, the model produces correct data when it is run normally. When I try to run the Monte Carlo, the outputs have no value. You can see in the screenshot that the X-axis has no labels, only <?>, and that above where the mean and standard deviation should be there is just <?>. Additionally, when I output to Excel all the results cells just have #NUM!. So it's not the same result for every run, it's no result for every run.