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I am trying to complete the water bottle tutorial which requires the ELCD v3.2 database. I went to download the database from openLCA Nexus from the Downloads page, I have ELCD 3.2 selected, I have the format selected as openLCA 1.8-1.10 and I have the licenses and EULA agreement boxes checked at the bottom of the page.

After hitting download nothing happens. There is no downloads in my download folder on my drive and there are no downloads in my download history on my browser. I have tried to download this on both Google Chrome (v 79.0.3945.130) and Microsoft Edge (v 83.0.478.56), neither have worked.

I am able to download other items from this page, .zolca and .JSON-LD files, this seems to be the only one that will not download.
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For all: we figured this out together, it seems some restrictions on the local (user) IT environment prevent download of zolca files, maybe because these are compressed files.