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Hi there,

I'm working on data quality entries with ecoinvent database. Is it possible to import the pedigree matrix (i.e the vector 1;2;3;4;5) directily from the ecoinvent database?

Furthermore, is there a rapid method to insert this information (e.g. excel import or copy-paste from other entries) instead of input fthem low-by-flow?

Thank you very much
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Hi, good question. You can import of course data quality systems in JSON-LD format. It is so far indeed not possible to automatically apply one data quality system to all or to selected processes in a database. I think we should add this as a feature in future openLCA versions. In meantime, you could of course think to write a script to read data quality values from a csv, for processes, and write these into processes, with a given data quality system. Check out the Python examples here https://github.com/GreenDelta/openlca-python-tutorial/blob/master/examples.md. This does not contain a specific solution for the data quality setting yet but how to read csv files, e.g.

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