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This is probably a minor issue, but I can neither select a "process schema" nor a "Flow schema" in the "Data quality properties" window, when calculating my LCA results. (see screenshot below)

Thus I do not get any results concerning data quality.

Also in the preceding window "Calculation properties" (see screenshot below) I cannot choose a "Normalization and weighting set".

Does anyone know why?

In the "general information" tab of my process I did fill the pedigree matrices, chose the ecoinvent data quality system for the "process schema" and for the "Flow schema" and did so as well for all provider processes of my input flows. I also chose an uncertainty distribution for all input and output flows.

However I feel like I have overseen something in order to make the data quality calculation work?!?

I use ecoinvent 3.7

Thanks for your assistance

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Hi, indeed, the selection of the DQ system is so far only supported in the product system calculation, not in the direct calculation. We'll fix this in a new version, thank you for sharing this observation!