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according to this article (Data Quality Systems in openLCA | openLCA.org) general process data quality is only for documentary purposes.

I want to make an overall quality assessment table in my LCA report using the ILCD data quality system on process level. Getting all the information manually from every process seems quite unconvenient, but I didn't find any way to batch-export the pedigree scores of all processes.

Is it possible to get an overview over the data quality of all processes so I can copy & paste to excel or word?

In my case sensitivity analysis is scenario based, so I don't assess data quality within the calculation.

Best regards and thanks in advance!

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Well, the process data quality is not used in the calculation. You can get the process data quality via sql (in openLCA, developer tools, sql): 

select name, ref_id, dq_entry from tbl_processes

Good luck!

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Hi Andreas, that works! Easy copy&paste of the SQL results in Excel is possible that way. Since I'm not familiar with SQL I never thought of using SQL requests in openLCA...
Thanks a lot for your solution including the code snippet!

Best regards