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Hello. I have been trying to bring in a folder to openLCA through Database --> Restore database --> (navigate to the folder I need) --> Open. However, the problem I am having is that when I select "Open", I open the folder instead of bring the file onto my openLCA platform. The restore database command worked fine for non-file downloads. Thank you for your help.
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it is as if you say: I want to open a word document as a folder, how can I do this? A database is not a folder. The database files are organised in a folder but you need to have the database in zolca format to import or restore it. If you do not have this zolca file, but only the folder with files that form the database (so to say), then it is maybe possible to restore the database but no files should be missing etc.. Let me know if you need support here and if I understood your question correctly.

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